Purchasing and exporting cars, machines and products. We assist you.

Purchasing and exporting cars, machines and products. We assist you.

We have contacts in Port of Odesa, Ukraine to export any machine or product overseas.  We can also assist in export to Europe via truck.  We assist in all documentation. We provide a tour service to assist you to visit factories or private sellers.  We can help you search on the popular online second hand internet site https://www.olx.ua/uk/ We provide English interpreters.

Once you find the product you want, we assist you every step of the way.

An example is the export of ex Soviet millitary vehicles (These are available for sale as at 22/6/17)  Contact us with item code and we will give the current US dollar price. Provide shipping destination and we will get back with a full door to door cost.

image-0-02-05-9c7924cc42e968f387851729c8cd96a3d5c31aaccf818377b972261142010573-V image-0-02-05-cd6407383b86da2bfd64ef02f0aa3e2b982e0d575365e92fb72cb06b27d5c719-V image-0-02-05-0d35835e640515e557529f675120e55b161327d1e6e06d75f477f5d9d5c9c679-VItem#1 – Gaz 69 –  Concourse condition

image-0-02-05-d462905d0a9f07fee84abea83b85a41e595a0b6e73ef4880f613654a065d97ba-Vimage-0-02-05-a8eb43b9b0a919d4f794bad8ddf79faf47196acdf9c1acd3e5b2b1a9bbfbc531-V image-0-02-05-cf51df329a7238de5bfddf1af1067c0f3af245b4bc94f91c2a803bb4d0506235-VItem# 2 – Amphibous vehicle – Concourse condition 900km


M62 to M72 Military bikes. Item# 3 – Unused and Item# 4- Restored

image-0-02-05-4a7d3076b76f29cad1471f2c59a237084127861549e3ac2ed08ba511bb3cd524-VRestored and excellent condition machines and parts. Ex Soviet Army.