No cost to you, excludes cost of accomodation , food and transfers.

Property Purchasing in Ukraine

Property Purchasing in Ukraine


We provide a full service, utilising our trusted Lawyers, Notories, and and other agents. We have access to court registered interpreters and document translators. We can investigate the property has clear title with no encumberances.  We assist you to visit properties all over Ukraine, and provide interpreters and professional consultants to secure your dream getaway home in Ukraine. Foreigners can purchase any property excluding agricultural land. This includes apartments, detached house and land, or commercial property.

We can also organise local builders to build your dream home on your choice of land, or renovate existing houses. Just ask us how we can help you.


If you want that little cottage in the mountains, a place to store your car and clothes, we can assist you. Ukraine is central to Europe, and from here you can have an extended European tour, storing vehicles and caravans, trailers and all types of equipment. Just fly to Ukraine and relax. We can transport you from Kyiv to your holiday vacation home.

See examples of property for sale. Prices change so contact us and we will obtain the latest price. Cheaper properties exist by just visiting Ukraine, locating your property and negotiating with the owner. Many people are happy to sell and move in with children. This allows older people to release valuable equity to help them supplement aged pensions. Avoid the middle men. We charge the owner a commission for this service, so no cost to you.

Many houses are listed on Ukraine’s most used internet site  Here we used Yaremche house and land for sale. Yaremche is the Carpathians main tourist town. We also browse local newspapers and message boards.

Divide the Ukrainian currency UAH by 25.8 (current at 18/6/17) to get the US dollar amount

Many houses are listed in local papers. We can go door to door with you expressing an interest to buy a property. Many houses are abandoned and we can access the village secretary who can obtain a forwarding family address. In non tourist town villages and resort towns, many houses and land can be picked up for $10,000 or less.

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